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The deadlines for registration and the call for papers have passed. If you would still like to attend the meeting, please contact us at icom2018@centraalmuseum.nl.

You can find the speaker schedule for the paper sessions here and more information about the programme here.
The paper sessions will be held at the Centraal Museum’s Garden Room from Monday 11 until Wednesday 15 June. The afternoons will be filled with visits to exhibitions, special places of interest, museums and collections across the cities of Utrecht, Tilburg and Amsterdam. Lunches and snacks will be provided.

Photo: Ivar Pel

About Centraal Museum
Utrecht’s Centraal Museum was founded in 1838, making it the oldest municipal museum in the Netherlands. The museum has a large and varied collection of art, fashion, design and objects related to the history of Utrecht. The museum is located in a former medieval monastery in which you can wonder around through the many stairwells and beautiful garden.
Fashion and costumes are an important part of the museum collection. It includes 17th century garments and contemporary fashion designers such as Iris van Herpen, Viktor & Rolf, Hussein Chalayan, Craig Green and more. With around 10.000 garments and designs, it is considered to be one of the most important collections of historical costumes as well as contemporary fashion in the Netherlands.

During the meeting, Centraal Museum hosts thelarge fashion exhibition Jan Taminiau: Reflections, about one of the Netherlands’ leading designers whose creations are worn by our queen Máxima, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. Jan Taminiau’s work fits perfectly within the Centraal Museum’s collecting policy, which emphasizes craftsmanship, concept and interdisciplinary works. With this monumental exhibition, Centraal Museum presents the couturier’s work in a different light. The exhibition centres around the design process rather than the finished product.